"Hooked" Comedy Web Series: Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Spring 2017 Official Selection

Director Luca Vecchi's pilot episode of the Italian Web Series "Hooked" has amazing production value, acting and is very funny. This web series pilot will screen at the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Spring 2017 on Monday April 10th, 2017 at the Alamo Drafthouse - Lakeline. Tagline: "In a closed system that totally lacks information, external circumstances can influence our judgement. A sloppy dressed girls shivers and drools convulsively on the edge of a highway. It is 4 in the morning. Luca and Valerio are the ones trying to prevent this story to become popular on medias, but the chances to save an overdosed girl when you took the same substances are really poor. More in details, they are almost non-existent if you are as high as a clumsy doped horse."

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