"Austin Comedy Short Film Festival" Spring 2017 Official Film Selections and Awards

The Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Spring 2017 screened 30 films at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema: Lakeline on Monday April 10th, 2017 at 7:30pm - 10:30pm.

The following films are the official selections that screened in the theater:
  1. “Breaking and Mentoring” Directed by Chandler Perry and Andrew Harrison
  2. “Church” Directed by Stephen Bodossian
  3. “Conecta2” Directed by Paul Dean Vieillefrance
  4. “Dicky Sledgehammer” Directed by Matt Dean and Landon Ashworth - Watch the Trailer
  5. “Die Freundin (The homegirl)” Directed by Iván Sáinz-Pardo
  6. “Five Star Services” Directed by Chris Parisi - Watch the Trailer
  7. "Full House Rap" Directed by Ali Alkhafaji“Hipsta Shit” Directed by Daniel Reisinger (Australia)
  8. “Hooked” Directed by Luca Vecchi (Italy)
  9. “I Dream of Zombies” Directed by Alex Forbes
  10. “I Killed Them Both” Wayne Hancock Directed by Stanley Sievers (Chicago, illinois)
  11. “Jam Therapy - Get Up Get Down” Directed by Diego Lozano (Austin, Texas)
  12. “Knife Fight” Directed by Miguel J. Soliman
  13. “Nutrition Man” Directed by Sahar Adri (New York, NY)
  14. “obSETHed: Memorial Day” Directed by Zack Matzganis
  15. “Oy Vey” Directed by Joe O. Davies
  16. “Priority Seat” Directed by Gilbert Chan
  17. “Production Value” Directed by Mike Winger
  18. “Sala de Espera (Waiting Room)” Directed by Aitor González Iturbe
  19. “Sci Fi Chicks” Directed by Laura Hauschild (Los Angeles, California)
  20. “Smooth Talk” Directed by Zachary Isenberg (Los Angeles, CA)
  21. “Squeezed” Directed by Michel Goossens (Spain)
  22. “Stung Music Video” Directed by Larry Ziegelman (Chicago, Illinois)
  23. “The Antithesis of Man” Directed by Vickie Gest (Australia)
  24. “The Cunnlingus King” Directed by Shannon Burkett
  25. “The Naughty List” Directed by Paul Campion
  26. “The Rebeccas Ep 1: Get Crampy” Directed by Michael Chwastiak (Canada)
  27. “The Snowman's Hat” Directed by Jeff Draheim (Valencia, California)
  28. “The Status Liker” Directed by Andreas Toumbas
  29. “Woman of My Dreams” Directed by Javier San Roman
  30. “You're Alive” Directed by W. Alex Reeves
The following films won an award at the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Spring 2017: 

"Best Actor"Award: Seth Coltan in "obSETHed: Memorial Day"
"Best Actress" Award: Abigail Miskowiec in "State Inspection"
"Best Animated Film" Award: "The Snowman's Hat" by Jeff Draheim
"Best Cinematography" Award: "Dicky Sledgehammer" Cinematographer Katie Walker
"Best Comedy Short Screenplay" Award: "Hammer Time" written by Sasha Siljanovic
"Best Editing" Award: "Hipsta Shit" Edited by James Ashbol
"Best Dark Comedy Film" Award: "The Anthesis of Man"
"Best Director" Award: "Smooth Talk" Directed by Zachary Isenberg
"Best Ensemble Cast" Award: "The Naughty List"
"Best Feature Film Screenplay" Award: “Maybe Shower” by Lex Lybrand
"Best Microshort Film" Award: "I Dream of Zombies" Directed by Alex Forbes
"Funniest Music Video" Award: "Hipsta Shit" Edited by James Ashbol
"Best Original Music" Award: "Sci Fi Chicks" Composer Julien Genuardi
"Best Comedy Short Film" Award: "Dicky Sledgehammer" Directed by Matt Dean & Landon Ashworth
"Best Supporting Actor" Award: Jamal Douglas in "Smooth Talk"
"Best Supporting Actress" Award: Ave Lindon in "Church"
"Most Original Concept" Award: "Full House Rap" Directed by Ali AlKhafaji
"Single Funniest Moment" Award: "I Dream of Zombies" Directed by Alex Forbes
"Best Texas Film" Award: "Full House Rap" Directed by Ali AlKhafaji

Award Winners

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