"Church of Superman" Official Selection of the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2016


Superman has no problem with being the Savior of Metropolis, but when a small group of people show their appreciation by starting a "Church of the Son of Krypton", Clark Kent himself is at a loss for words. Featuring Jim Shearer as the voice of Superman.

Director Pete Bune
Pete Bune is a Brooklyn based filmmaker who made up one fourth of the Long Island/NYC cult TV show The Slack Pack (1997-2004). He went on to co-star and produce the independent horror/comedy show The Ghouligans! (2005-2015). Bune co-directed and produced the horror anthology film "Lost Suburbia" (2007) and co-wrote and directed his first feature film about the Long Island music scene entitled "Freaks Nerds and Romantics" (2010). He continues to produce projects including music videos and short films

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