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2016 Fall "Austin Comedy Short Film Festival" Official Selections

Alamo Drafthouse  - Lakeline 14028 U.S. 183, Austin, TX 78717
Monday October 24th, 2016  @ 7:15 PM

Official Selections: Short Comedy Films
"Ain't No Stoppin' Hackley" Directed by Trey Huguley & Garrett Hargrove (Austin, Texas)*“**it Happens” Directed by Jesse Acosta (Dallas, Texas)“7 Beds” Pedro Moreno del Oso (Spain)“A Family Affair” Directed by Marius Azokpota (France)“Accelerator” Directed by Sean Cabling“Church of Superman” Directed by Pete Bune (Brooklyn, New York)“CrashTest Dummies” ( I'm taking the Bus ) Directed by Lyn Caudie (Dallas, Texas)“Dr. Sunshine's Office - Episode 5: Dysfunction” Directed by Joel Salaysay (Canada)“Hawt Yoga” Directed by Lane Lyle (Orange, California)“McClane” Directed by Stanley Sievers (Chicago, Illinois)“Mission Accomplished” Directed by Claus Martin (Germany)“NAMCAR Night Race” music video Directed by Lance Khazei (Sherman Oaks, California)“One Champion” Directed by JohnMark Triplett“Phineas & The Professor” Directe…

"The United Guys Network" Official Selection of the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2016

"The United Guys Network" is the winner of the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2016 "Best Comedy Short Film Award." It was the highest rated comedy short film by the judges with excellent production value, good laughs and great acting. Here is the official tagline, "Loving newlywed husband Paul Seger is making the other guys in the neighborhood look bad. Time for The United Guys Network to step in and teach him how to be a 'real' husband." The films was directed by Tabatha Golat, a producer, writer, director, editor (and wearer of many hats). Tabatha is an award-winning filmmaker for her short film 'Ten Thousand Steps.' She has written and directed a feature and two shorts, as well as several music videos and corporate videos. "The United Guys Network," was funded by Telus Storyhive and the full film is available on youtube.

"CrashTest Dummies (I'm Taking the Bus)" Official Selection Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2016

Lyn Caudle took up Photography at an early age leading to many areas of interest as it is a union of science and art, a specific set of particularities to which his mind seems to be tuned into. He mowed just about every yard in his neighborhood to afford his first camera. He began shooting anything and everything that would sit still for a photograph, and some that wouldn’t. This led to an interest in filmmaking which is still fruitful to this day. He is a Visual Effects Supervisor, and has recently begun Directing as well. He has been in the film industry for over 25 years. He spent the first several years working freelance on film and television productions, then he went on to building and running his own company CFX Special Effects. In 2000, Lyn jumped the fence into post production and took his experience from the set to the computer, at Janimation He worked there for almost 12 years. His work also includes but is not limited to: on-set supervision, design and implementa…

"Phineas & The Professor" Official Selection Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2016

The Professor and his sidekick Phineas are stuck in the woods. Will they make it out?

"NAMCAR Night Race music video" Official Selection Austin Comedy Short Film Festival 2016

This is a mock rock, Journey inspired music video set to the original theme for NAMCAR Night Race, a "surreality show" depicting a model car racing league. Drivers push the limits of their toy cars, friendships and bitter rivalries as they brave extremely fake conditions and the final frontier in racing, a frontier of plastic, plaster and diecast metal. A "NASCAR on acid," the show introduces itself as a mock sports presentation before giving way to more and more bits of surrealistic comedy. Written, directed and executive produced by Lance Khazei. Original theme song by Lance Khazei and Michael Sherwood. For full credits, please see the IMDB listing. NAMCAR stands for the National Association of Model Car Auto Racing
Director: Lance Khazei is an Emmy nominated writer, producer and director with produced credits in television, feature film and new media. A prolific writer and creator, Lance has developed and written television comedy for Fox, ABC, MTV, Dreamworks, …

"The Government is Watching" Official Selection Austin Comedy Short Film Festival 2016

We all know the government is watching us. We just didn't know exactly what that meant.
Director: The two of us(Skyler Smith and David Nobles)write and direct under the production company Urbana Ave.
Director Statement Most of our videos are comedic and adventurous. Urbana Ave which is a place for filmmakers to collaborate on larger scale productions. Aside from that, we both have successful free-lance film careers.

"The First Step" Official selection Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2016

Bambi is a young and shy kid. While his mother leaves him alone inside the car to go shopping, he is going to make an unexpected encounter, right outside of the window.

"Dr. Sunshine's Office Episode 5: Dysfunction" Official Selection of the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2016

It's called medical "practice" for a reason. A doctor with questionable ethics (and credentials) diagnoses a revolving door of patients in this web series from Joel Salaysay.
Director: Joel Salaysay is a Winnipeg-born filmmaker based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. He is the writer/director of numerous films, many of which have screened in festivals across North America. He is the winner of several awards, including The TIFF Top Ten award for Best Live Action Film, the award for Best Fiction at The Montreal World Film Festival, and a 2015 Leo Award for Best Student Short. Other festivals include The Vancouver International Film Festival, The National Screen Institute of Canada’s Short Film Festival, and the L.A. Comedy Shorts and L.A. Comedy Festivals.

Ranging from absurd comedies to more somber fair, Joel is best known for his films Lifers (Montreal, VIFF, TIFF Top Ten, Leo Winner), BF Nowhere (L.A. Comedy Festival, and L.A. Comedy Shorts Festival), and Stranger Thin…

"The Box Boy" Official Selection of the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2016

A father's struggle to connect with his son leads him to an obvious solution: His son must live in a box.
Director: Jesse Salazar III is an independent Texas filmmaker that has made an impact on the South Texas film and journalism community. Since 2009, he has worked in virtually every area of digital video and cinema production, winning the accolades and approval of his peers and mentors along the way.

"One Champion" Official Selection of the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2016

Music video for "One Champion" by "The Winners." An original song for the motion picture, "12 Pound Balls." Director:
Zachary has been writing and producing for fifteen years. He studied film at Saint John’s University, writing at UCLA, and improv/sketch writing at Upright Citizen’s Brigade in Los Angeles. He has written, directed, and produced numerous films, capturing several awards from multiple film festivals. Most recently, he wrote, directed, and produced 12 Pound Balls, a feature length bowling comedy that will be coming to streaming platforms this winter.

"Church of Superman" Official Selection of the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2016

Superman has no problem with being the Savior of Metropolis, but when a small group of people show their appreciation by starting a "Church of the Son of Krypton", Clark Kent himself is at a loss for words. Featuring Jim Shearer as the voice of Superman.

Pete Bune is a Brooklyn based filmmaker who made up one fourth of the Long Island/NYC cult TV show The Slack Pack (1997-2004). He went on to co-star and produce the independent horror/comedy show The Ghouligans! (2005-2015). Bune co-directed and produced the horror anthology film "Lost Suburbia" (2007) and co-wrote and directed his first feature film about the Long Island music scene entitled "Freaks Nerds and Romantics" (2010). He continues to produce projects including music videos and short films

"Accelerator" Official Selection of the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2016