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2016 Spring ACSFF Award Winners

The winners of the 2016 ACSFF Awards from April 19th, 2016 in Austin, Texas have been announced.

ACSFF Spring 2016 “Best Actor” Nominations Kevin Traynor in “Billy” (Michigan) - WinnerChris Kervick in “Sunday Funday” (Chicago, Illinois)James Enstall in “Call to Darkness” (Saint Charles, Missouri)Jose Ramallo in “What's Up!” (Spain)Thomas van Luyn in “Lockbuster” (Amsterdam, Netherlands)ACSFF Spring 2016 “Best Actress” Nominations
Paige Snider in “(UN)Sexy” (Richmond, Virginia)Wendy Raquel Robinson in “I'll Text You” (Los Angeles, California) - WinnerJessica Serfaty in “Eiffel Tower” (Los Angeles, California)Vivian Bang in “Bipolar and Cheese” (Los Angeles, California)Natalie Palamides in “Burning Bridges: The Accidental Porn Star" (Hollywood, California)ACSFF Spring 2016 “Best Supporting Actor” Nominations
Bryce Dannenberg in “Billy” (Michigan)Alastair James Murdeni in “Bipolar and Cheese” (Los Angeles, California)Dan Prevette in “Burning Bridges: The Accidental Porn Star&qu…