2016 Official Selections: Austin Comedy Short Film Festival

The following films are the official selections for the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival selected from 313 submissions by filmmakers from around the globe. These films will screen on Tuesday, April 19th at 7:00 PM at the Alamo Drafthouse - Lakeline in Austin, Texas. Ticket information and more are coming soon. Please bookmark this page, it will be updated with posters, award nominations, trailers, ticket info and more over the next week. Congratulations! See you there!

  1. “17 Minutes in Texas: The Zombie Apocalypse” Directed by Trey Huguley
  2. “ArachNO!” Directed by Alex Mangen
  3. “Billy Goat” Directed by Stanley Sievers
  4. “Billy” Directed by Tyler Holme
  5. “Bipolar & Cheese” Directed by Scarlet Perez
  6. “Bugman” Directed by Don Eke
  7. “Burning Bridges - The Accidental Pornstar” Directed by Joe Zohar
  8. “Cake” Directed by Michael Ribbens & Josh Tyron
  9. “Call To Darkness” Directed by Chris Ferguson
  10. “Clean Break” Directed by Tim Butcher
  11. Croissant” Directed by Louis Hudson
  12. “Eiffel Tower” Directed by Aynsley Bubbico
  13. “Ellipsis” Directed by Guillaume Dalibert
  14. “Flushed” Directed by Richard Eames
  15. “I'll Text You” Directed by David Lasdon
  16. “Jedi Club” Directed by Trey Albright & Casey Webb
  17. “Kenny's Last Day” Directed by Andrew Brooks
  18. “Lockbuster” Directed by Jonathan Elbers
  19. “Martin Just Wants to be Beautiful” Directed by Alastair Clayton
  20. “Native Immigration” Directed by Eric Romero
  21. “Oh Henry” Directed by Sterling Sulieman
  22. “Paper Thin” Directed by Jeff Parker
  23. “Passing History” Directed by Joel Moss Levinson
  24. “Putting Yourself Out There” Directed by JJ Pollack
  25. “Red Handed” Directed by Edward Andrews
  26. “Rent Money” Directed by Harrison Carr
  27. “Spunkle” Directed by Lisa Donato
  28. “Sunday Funday” Directed by Bobby Richards
  29. “The Locksmith” Directed by Miltiades Christides
  30. “(UN)SEXY” Directed by Paige Snider
  31. “We'll Get It” Directed by Kyle Hansen
  32. “Yes, And I Do!” Directed by David Monster & Nathan Edmondson 
  33. "What's Up?" Directed by Vasni Ramos

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