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ACSFF 2015 Screenings were a huge success!

The Austin Comedy Short Film Festival launched in 2015 with two different screenings. Both were a huge success and were sellouts at the Alamo Drafthouse - Lakeline.  Here are a list of the films that were screened. Thanks to all of the filmmakers that travelled to Austin for the event and a big thanks to the film enthusiasts that showed up for an evening of fun. In 2016, the ACSFF will be growing even more.

ACSFF 2015 Official Selections (May 12, 2015) "#hugme" Directed by Tania Romero (Round Rock, Texas)"A Dark Night at the Wrong House" Directed by Tyler Meyer (Cincinnati, Ohio)"All You Do is Shag" Directed by Manu Bueno (Madrid, Spain)"Bad Connections" Directed by Romina Schwedler (New York, New York)Bless You Baby (Round Rock, Texas)"Blue Division" Directed by Sergi Marti (Spain)Brainstorm (Chicago, Illinois)"Busted" by Steven Hirst (Australia)Bwown Bugg (Chicago, Illinois)"Coffee Grinder" Directed by Derek Barnes…

"The Real Truth About the Real True Story: Donnie Miller" Directed by Mike Piccirillo

An amazing and fun Mockumentary Short Film, "The Real Truth About the Real True Story: Donnie Miller" aired at the Austin Comedy Film Festival in 2015. The film was well edited with great comedic timing and was a popular favorite in Austin. 
Donnie Miller, the greatest professional charades athlete of all time, is the topic of investigation on news program "The Real Truth Behind The Real True Story". They attempt to dissect the mystery surrounding Donnie's epic career downfall.
Starring Shannon Michael Wamser, Katie Locke O'Brien, Kelly Carlton, Dominic Conti, Travis Stanberry and Orion Acaba. Directed by Mike Piccirillo. Produced by Katie Locke O'Brien and Barry Barclay. Written by Katie Locke O'Brien and Mike Piccirillo. Score composed by Saverio Rapezzi.

A clever French comedy short film called "Chickland"

This film from France directed by Stanislas Graziani got rave reviews at the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival in 2015. The full film is now available on youtube. Enjoy!
Synopsis: Two inventors implant a chip in their brains, that connects them to the internet from "inside". This is their first experiment of Universal Knowledge outside the lab...

Cast and Crew: Antoine Vareille, Eric Morillot, Jeremy Denisty, Julie De Bona, Paul Barrios, Philippe Billon, Precillia Sitbon, Sammy Seghn, Stanislas Graziani, Thomas Collignan, Valentine Catzeflis,