Sunday, September 25, 2016

2016 Fall "Austin Comedy Short Film Festival" Official Selections

Alamo Drafthouse  - Lakeline
14028 U.S. 183, Austin, TX 78717
Monday October 24th, 2016  @ 7:00 PM

ACSFF Fall 2016 Shirts are now available.

Official Selections: Short Comedy Films
  1. "Ain't No Stoppin' Hackley" Directed by Trey Huguley & Garrett Hargrove (Austin, Texas)*
  2. “**it Happens” Directed by Jesse Acosta (Dallas, Texas)
  3. “7 Beds” Pedro Moreno del Oso (Spain)
  4. “A Family Affair” Directed by Marius Azokpota (France)
  5. “Accelerator” Directed by Sean Cabling
  6. “Church of Superman” Directed by Pete Bune (Brooklyn, New York)
  7. “CrashTest Dummies” ( I'm taking the Bus ) Directed by Lyn Caudie (Dallas, Texas)
  8. “Dr. Sunshine's Office - Episode 5: Dysfunction” Directed by Joel Salaysay (Canada)
  9. “Hawt Yoga” Directed by Lane Lyle (Orange, California)
  10. “McClane” Directed by Stanley Sievers (Chicago, Illinois)
  11. “Mission Accomplished” Directed by Claus Martin (Germany)
  12. “NAMCAR Night Race” music video Directed by Lance Khazei (Sherman Oaks, California)
  13. “One Champion” Directed by JohnMark Triplett
  14. “Phineas & The Professor” Directed by Joe Origlieri (Brooklyn, New York)
  15. “Real Friends” Directed by Andrew Melzer (Chicago, Illiinois)
  16. “Team Phil” Directed by Konrad Arnold (Cary, North Carolina)
  17. “The Bitters Truth” Directed by Trey Huguley and Andrew Porter (Austin, Texas)
  18. “The Box Boy” Directed by Jesse Salazar III
  19. “The First Step” Directed by David Noblet & Arnaud Guez (Belgium)
  20. “The Government is Watching” Directed by Skyler Smith & David Nobles
  21. “The Missing Hand” Directed by Daniel Harding
  22. “The Party Pooper” Directed by Kurt Schneider (Lake Orion, Michigan)
  23. “The United Guys Network” Directed by Tabatha Golat (Canada)
  24. “Token Support Group” Directed by Alex Thomas (Austin, Texas)
  25. “When Damon Met Angie ...” Directed by Hugo J. Mat (Arlington, Texas)
  26. “Wife And Death” Directed by Matt Wright (Canada)
 * Theme from "Fun with Hackley: Axe Murderer"

Official Selections: Short Comedy Screenplays
  1. “Adrift” written by Stuart Creque
  2. “Becoming Bigfoot” written by Sean Whitley (Allen, Texas)
  3. “Candidate Christ” written by David Mair (Vadnais Heights, Minnesota)
  4. “Central Incompetence” written by Grant Carson & Lindsey Parodi (Omaha, Nebraska)
  5. “Deli Takeout” (Pilot Episode of Brooklyn Deli) written by Jim Norman
  6. “Donating In Vein” written by Joey P Fama
  7. “Dougie Dog” written by Montgomery Burt (Vancouver, Canada)
  8. “First Kill” written by Elisabeth Howard (Sherman Oaks, California)
  9. “God's Psychiatrist” written by Stephen M. Hunt
  10. “Just Life” written by Jeff Ahearn
  11. “Lovin' It” written by Stuart Creque
  12. “Princess Pussy” written by Renee Sevier
  13. “The End” written by Kelly Jean Karam
  14. “The Hitchhiker” written by Phil Stokes
  15. “The Poor Man's Agent” written by Tyler Cochran (Euless, Texas)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

2016 ACSFF Award Winners

The winners of the 2016 ACSFF Awards from April 19th, 2016 in Austin, Texas have been announced.

ACSFF 2016 “Best Actor” Nominations
  1. Kevin Traynor in “Billy” (Michigan) - Winner
  2. Chris Kervick in “Sunday Funday” (Chicago, Illinois)
  3. James Enstall in “Call to Darkness” (Saint Charles, Missouri)
  4. Jose Ramallo in “What's Up!” (Spain)
  5. Thomas van Luyn in “Lockbuster” (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
ACSFF 2016 “Best Actress” Nominations
  1. Paige Snider in “(UN)Sexy” (Richmond, Virginia)
  2. Wendy Raquel Robinson in “I'll Text You” (Los Angeles, California) - Winner
  3. Jessica Serfaty in “Eiffel Tower” (Los Angeles, California)
  4. Vivian Bang in “Bipolar and Cheese” (Los Angeles, California)
  5. Natalie Palamides in “Burning Bridges: The Accidental Porn Star" (Hollywood, California)
ACSFF 2016 “Best Supporting Actor” Nominations
  1. Bryce Dannenberg in “Billy” (Michigan)
  2. Alastair James Murdeni in “Bipolar and Cheese” (Los Angeles, California)
  3. Dan Prevette in “Burning Bridges: The Accidental Porn Star" (Hollywood, California)
  4. Trey Huguley in “17 Minutes in Texas:The Zombie Apocalypse(Austin, Texas) - Winner
  5. Casey Webb in “Jedi Club” (Newark, New Jersey)
ACSFF 2016 “Supporting Actress” Nominations
  1. Amy Vorpahl in “We'll Get It” (Los Angeles, California)
  2. Laura Leroy-Alcantara in “Ellipsis” (Paris, France)
  3. Brittney Timmons in “Yes and I Do” (Los Angeles, California)
  4. Suki Peters “Call to Darkness” (Saint Charles, Missouri) - Winner
  5. Kimberly Bigsby “We'll Get It” (Los Angeles, California)
ACSFF 2016 “Best Ensemble Cast” Nominations
  1. “Eiffel Tower” (Los Angeles, California)
  2. “Jedi Club” (Newark, New Jersey)
  3. “Putting Yourself Out There” (Austin, Texas)
  4. “Rent Money” (Casselberry, FL) - Winner
  5. “17 Minutes in Texas: The Zombie Apocalypse” (Austin, Texas)
ACSFF 2016 “Best Cinematography” Nominations
  1. “Lockbuster” DP Thijmen Doornik (Amsterdam, Netherlands) - Winner
  2. “Jedi Club” DP Tony Calentino (Newark, New Jersey)
  3. “Paper Thin” DP Kevin A. Fraser (Nova Scotia, Canada)
  4. “Red Handed” DP Joshua C. Fry (United Kingdom)
  5. “The Locksmith” DP Yiannis Papanastasopoulos (Greece)
ACSFF 2016 “Best Texas Film” Nominations
  1. “Kenny's Last Day” Directed by Andrew Brooks (Austin, Texas)
  2. “Putting Yourself Out There” Directed by JJ Pollack (Austin, Texas)
  3. “17 Minutes in Texas: The Zombie Apocalypse” (Austin, Texas) - Winner
ACSFF 2016 “Best Comedy Short Film” Nominations
  1. “(UN)Sexy” (Richmond, Virginia)
  2. “Jedi Club” (Newark, New Jersey) - Winner
  3. “Rent Money” (Casselberry, FL)
  4. “Bipolar and Cheese” (Los Angeles, California)
  5. “Native Immigration” (United Kingdom)
ACSFF 2016 “Best Micro Short Comedy Film” Nominations
  1. “Billy Goat” (Chicago, Illinois)
  2. “Yes and I Do” (Los Angeles, California)
  3. “ArachNO!”(St Marys , Ohio)
  4. “Burning Bridges: The Accidental Porn Star" (Hollywood, California)
  5. “I'll Text You” (Los Angeles, California) - Winner
ACSFF 2016 “Single Funniest Moment” Nominations
  1. “ArachNO!”  (St Marys , Ohio) - Winner
  2. “Martin Just Wants to Be Beautiful” (United Kingdom)
  3. “Cake” (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
  4. “Burning Bridges: - The Accidental Pornstar” (Los Angeles, California)
  5. “I'll Text You” (Los Angeles, California)
ACSFF 2016 “Best Original Music” Nominations
  1. “Passing History” Composed by Joel Moss Levinson (Yellow Springs, Ohio)
  2. “Native Immigration” Composed by David Mackay (United Kingdom)
  3. “Billy” Composed by Ryan Harder (Michigan) - Winner
  4. “Red Handed” Composed by Toni Martin Dobrzanski (United Kingdom)
  5. “Lockbuster” Composed by Juho Nurmela (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
ACSFF 2016 “Best Editing” Nominations
  1. “Red Handed” Edited by Edward Andrews (United Kingdom)
  2. “Lockbuster” Editing by Xander Nijsten (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  3. “Jedi Club” Edited by Josh Duncan Simmons (Newark, New Jersey) - Winner
  4. “Putting Yourself Out There” Edited by JJ Pollack (Austin, Texas)
  5. “Ellipsis” Edited by Guillaume Dalibert (Paris, France)
ACSFF 2016 “Best Director” Nominations
  1. “Putting Yourself Out There” Directed by JJ Pollack (Austin, Texas)
  2. “Martin Just Wants to Be Beautiful” Directed by Alastair Clayton (United Kingdom) - Winner
  3. “Oh Henry” Directed by Sterling Sulieman (Los Angeles, California)
  4. “Paper Thin” Directed by Jeff Parker (Nova Scotia, Canada)
  5. “Red Handed” Directed by Edward Andrews (United Kingdom)

Sunday, March 27, 2016

2016 Official Selections: Austin Comedy Short Film Festival

The following films are the official selections for the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival selected from 313 submissions by filmmakers from around the globe. These films will screen on Tuesday, April 19th at 7:00 PM at the Alamo Drafthouse - Lakeline in Austin, Texas. Ticket information and more are coming soon. Please bookmark this page, it will be updated with posters, award nominations, trailers, ticket info and more over the next week. Congratulations! See you there!

  1. “17 Minutes in Texas: The Zombie Apocalypse” Directed by Trey Huguley
  2. “ArachNO!” Directed by Alex Mangen
  3. “Billy Goat” Directed by Stanley Sievers
  4. “Billy” Directed by Tyler Holme
  5. “Bipolar & Cheese” Directed by Scarlet Perez
  6. “Bugman” Directed by Don Eke
  7. “Burning Bridges - The Accidental Pornstar” Directed by Joe Zohar
  8. “Cake” Directed by Michael Ribbens & Josh Tyron
  9. “Call To Darkness” Directed by Chris Ferguson
  10. “Clean Break” Directed by Tim Butcher
  11. Croissant” Directed by Louis Hudson
  12. “Eiffel Tower” Directed by Aynsley Bubbico
  13. “Ellipsis” Directed by Guillaume Dalibert
  14. “Flushed” Directed by Richard Eames
  15. “I'll Text You” Directed by David Lasdon
  16. “Jedi Club” Directed by Trey Albright & Casey Webb
  17. “Kenny's Last Day” Directed by Andrew Brooks
  18. “Lockbuster” Directed by Jonathan Elbers
  19. “Martin Just Wants to be Beautiful” Directed by Alastair Clayton
  20. “Native Immigration” Directed by Eric Romero
  21. “Oh Henry” Directed by Sterling Sulieman
  22. “Paper Thin” Directed by Jeff Parker
  23. “Passing History” Directed by Joel Moss Levinson
  24. “Putting Yourself Out There” Directed by JJ Pollack
  25. “Red Handed” Directed by Edward Andrews
  26. “Rent Money” Directed by Harrison Carr
  27. “Spunkle” Directed by Lisa Donato
  28. “Sunday Funday” Directed by Bobby Richards
  29. “The Locksmith” Directed by Miltiades Christides
  30. “(UN)SEXY” Directed by Paige Snider
  31. “We'll Get It” Directed by Kyle Hansen
  32. “Yes, And I Do!” Directed by David Monster & Nathan Edmondson 
  33. "What's Up?" Directed by Vasni Ramos

Saturday, March 26, 2016

"Eiffel Tower" was highly rated by the ACSFF 2016 judges.

The Austin Comedy Short Film Festival will screen the short film "Eiffel Tower" on April 19th, 2016 in Austin, Texas. We are excited to screen films that are directed by women and Aynsley Bubbico did a great job with this film. All of our judges loved the humor, acting and overall production value of this film.
Director Aynsley Bubbico statement about the film. I found it to be a really smart choice to bring on a female director for this piece. The funny and sexual nature of the script could have easily turned into a sexist farce about an unwitting woman being led into the lion's den, but Ross and Matt wanted more than just a college humor sketch. We agreed that we didn't want the sexuality to overshadow the comedy of the awkwardness between the characters, (and vice versa) but we didn't want to shy away from it either.
I particularly felt protective of our actress, Jessica Serfaty, being the only female actor on set as well as the object of both male characters' affection. We discussed her comfort level and where her "line" was and then she went balls to the wall right up to that line. She was game for anything.
The guys were generous and open to my take on their script, making the whole process far more collaborative than any of us had anticipated. It was important to the writers and myself to keep everything grounded in reality while telling a story about a crazy night in the lives of otherwise "normal" guys, and I feel like we achieved that.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Director Michael Goldburg Launches "Sure-Fire" Comedy Feature Film Campaign

ACSFF Alum, Director Michael Goldburg has launched a crowd funding campaign for his new feature film "Sure-Fire." Please help support independent filmmakers.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

"Nature RX" a short film from ACSFF 2015 that has gone viral on YouTube. 2.5 million views

"Nature RX" was a huge success at the ACSFF 2015. A micro-short film was produced well and is very funny. Check it out.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

ACSFF 2015 Screenings were a huge success!

The Austin Comedy Short Film Festival launched in 2015 with two different screenings. Both were a huge success and were sellouts at the Alamo Drafthouse - Lakeline.  Here are a list of the films that were screened. Thanks to all of the filmmakers that travelled to Austin for the event and a big thanks to the film enthusiasts that showed up for an evening of fun. In 2016, the ACSFF will be growing even more.

ACSFF 2015 Official Selections (May 12, 2015)
  • "#hugme" Directed by Tania Romero (Round Rock, Texas)
  • "A Dark Night at the Wrong House" Directed by Tyler Meyer (Cincinnati, Ohio)
  • "All You Do is Shag" Directed by Manu Bueno (Madrid, Spain)
  • "Bad Connections" Directed by Romina Schwedler (New York, New York)
  • Bless You Baby (Round Rock, Texas)
  • "Blue Division" Directed by Sergi Marti (Spain)
  • Brainstorm (Chicago, Illinois)
  • "Busted" by Steven Hirst (Australia)
  • Bwown Bugg (Chicago, Illinois)
  • "Coffee Grinder" Directed by Derek Barnes (Toronto, Canada)
  • "Death Bed" Directed by Ryan Becken (Minnesota)
  • "Drop It" Directed by Tania Romero (Round Rock, Texas)
  • "Framed by a kid: Lollipop Masscare" (Viimsi, Estonia)
  • "Glad You Got a Cat" Directed by Tom Burkhardt (Burbank, California)
  • Granny Smith (Australia)
  • Hellth Food (Phoenix, Arizona)
  • "It’s Cold and It’s Dark" Directed by Adam Rosenberg (Boulder, Colorado)
  • Jerico (Dallas, Texas)
  • Love Sick Lonnie (Austin, Texas)
  • Monsieur du Lit (Germany)
  • My Kingdom (New York, New York)
  • Online U (Asheville, North Carolina)
  • "Pint" Directed by Nic Barker (Australia)
  • Positive Visualization (Los Angeles, California)
  • Practice (Alphareta, Georgia)
  • Runner (Spain)
  • "Shoe" Directed by Eric Fisher (Los Angeles, California)
  • "Sleep Fighter" by Bjorn Tobiasson (Edinburgh, UK)
  • Smithston (Australia)
  • That’s Not Mine (Brooklyn, New York)
  • The Adventures of Meow Meow (Toronto, Canada)
  • The Hold Up (Nova Scotia, Canada)
  • The Last Post (United Kingdom)
  • The Meet Cute (New York, New York)
  • "The Platinum Plan" Directed by Chris Pickenpauh (Monrovia, California)
  • "The Real Truth Behind the Real TrueStory: Donnie Miller" (Woodland Hills, California)
  • The Serenader (Los Angeles, California)
  • "Tinder in Real Life" Directed by Eliaz Rodriguez (Chicago, Illinois)
  • We Got Your Back (Sweden)
ACSFF 2015 Fall Official Selections (October 27th, 2015)
  • “Abducted! A Tale of Childhood” Directed by Patrick Basquill
  • Acting 101” Directed by Rene Rhi
  • Blind Date Rules” Directed by Christine Chen
  • Bloody Mary” Directed by Jono Freedrix
  • Chickland” Directed by Stanislas Graziani
  • Holloway Heights: The Grenade Directed by Jon Hoeg and John F. Beach
  • Hostiable” (Absolute Honesty) Directed by David Galan Galindo
  • “Just Cause It's a Tweet, Don't Make it a Joke” Directed by Eliaz Rodriguez
  • “Kowalski” Directed by Jason O'Mara
  • “Mystery Weight” Directed by Craig April
  • “Nature RX, Part 1” Directed by Justin Bogardus
  • “Smart Puppets: Harvest Moon” Directed by Casey Pyke
  • “Suck it, Boss” Directed by Joe Rendon
  • “Tara Lupenetti, Dog Matchmaker” Directed by Sunday Boling
  • “The Grandson” Jan Van Gorkum
  • “The Hand Job” Directed by Hart and Devin Perez
  • “The Moose Emergency” Directed by Becky and Thomas Nicol
  • “Wise Guy” Directed by Frank Victor
  • “Yikes” Directed by Michael Fedora